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As of December 1, 2020

​Anonymous (6)

Bronte and David Abraham

Amy Abramovitz

Debbie Levenson and Steve Adelman

Adelson Family Foundation

Elisa Deener-Agus and Michael Agus

Roberta Isberg and Seth Alper

Eileen Hagerty and Rabbi Thomas Alpert

Amazonsmile Foundation

Analog Devices Foundation

Irma and Seymour Andrus

Susan and Joel Appelbaum

Yafa and Eytan Arkin

Pam and David Auerbach

Dasha Baker

Zach Barr

Irina and Mark Barrocas

The Beker Foundation

Carrie Benedon

Lucy Goodhart and Gordon Bennett

Sandra and David Bergman

Batzion and William Berman

Hana and Peter Berman

Regina Roman and George Berman

Ruth Nemzoff and Harris Berman

Arlene Bernstein

Rabbi Allison Berry

Michal and Barry Bessler

Jennifer and Erik Bittner

Steven Blacher

Michelle and Darren Black

Debbie and Mark Blechner

Julia Greenstein and Paul Bleicher

Elana and Aaron Block

Linda and David Blocker

Sally Bock and Rabbi Ira Korinow

Amy and Joshua Boger

Joyce and Michael Bohnen

Robert L. and Joan Bramson Foundation

Susan and Leo Breitman

Brezniak Funeral Directors

Barbara Lapidas-Brown and Larry Brown

Betty Brudnick

Rebecca and Glenn Burack

Lynda and Jeffrey Bussgang

Nancy Kriegel and Andrew Butler

James J. Calmas

Joanne Camann

Wendy and Edmund Case

Rachel and Larry Chafetz

Rabbi Laura Abrasley and Julie Childers*

Louise Citron

Alexandra and Brian Cohen

Jane Taubenfeld Cohen and David Cohen

Shoshana Cohen

Marla Colarusso

Cara Coller

Combined Jewish Philanthropies

Congregation Shaarei Tefillah

Elizabeth and Kevin Connolly

Amy Abramowitz and Ethan Corey

Janis Fox and Richard Corn

Beth Crastnopol and Jeff Cotton

Kathy and Lino Covarrubias

Leslie and Alan Crane

Dorit Harverd and Richard Dale

Danielle and Gregg Darish*

Judge Michael and Nili Davis

Meira Davis

Tamar Davis and Allan Galper

Allyson and Edward DeNoble and Family

Sarah DeWoskin

Bryce Diamond

Suzanne and David Diamond

Marcus Dodyk*

Marlene and Harry Dodyk

Mady and Bruce Donoff

Erika and Daniel Drezner

Ruth and Barry Ehrlich

Terri and Sol Eisenberg

Debbie and Hershel Ellenbogen and Family

Trudy and Lester Fagen

Wendy B. Fain

Nancy Falchuk

Joni and Rodney Falk

Michal and Andy Fandel

Karen and David Farbman

Marlene Farbman

Ruth and Gene Fax

Rena Gray Fein and Robert Fein

Betsy Feldman

Roger Feldman

Cheryl and Gary Fertig

Cynthia and Arthur Fertman

Barbara and Robert Fierman

Rachel and David Fine

Peggy and David Fineman

Sharlene and Dr. Richard Finkel

Michelle S. Alkon and Dr. Mark Finkelstein*

Esther and Sergio Finkielsztein

Renée and Steven Finn

Mickey and Ron Fleischman

Helen Tager and Martin Flusberg

Deborah and Jonathan Forman

Cheri Fox

Sheryl and Bill Adler

Lori Kahn and Arnie Freedman

Ruth and Donald Freedman

Susan Freedman

Brenda and Harvey Freishtat

Erica and Ethan Freishtat*

Linda and Michael Frieze

Rosalind Frim

Linda and Dr. Jonas Galper

Shira and David Galper

Zelda and Elkan Gamzu

Heather and David Ganitsky

Michelle and Steven Garfinkel

Lori Geisinger and Jeff Aron

Laurie and Paul Gershkowitz*

Risa and Zev Gewurz

Pat and Alfred Girard

Carrie Fuchs and Gary Girzon

Deborah Glass

Sheila Pallay and Herbert Glickman

Rhonda and Steven Glyman

Alanna Gold

Carol Gerwin and Michael Goldberg

Josette and Louis Goldish

Janet Yassen and Irle Goldman

Sharon and David Goldstein

Estelle and Guy Gomolka

Ruth and Richard Gomolka

Dr. Lori Lefkovitz and Rabbi Leonard Gordon

Sally Gordon

Janet and Mark Gottesman

Paula and James Gould

Marion and Lawrence Green

Rebecca and Alan Green

Marla Choslovsky and Paul Greenberg

Sydney and Tal Gross

Barbara and Steven Grossman

Dara and David Grossman*

Elizabeth and Jacob Grossman

Jill and Jeremy Grossman

Louis Grossman

Rebecca and Benjamin Grossman

Susan Grossman

Sheryl Brettschneider and Steven Gruber

Danielle and Michael Hackel

Susan and Eric Hailman

Phyllis and Michael (z"l) Hammer Fund

Sharon and Michael Haselkorn

Amy and David Hearne

Betsy Hecker and John Barter

Arline and Lawrence Heimlich

Lynne Heller

Marcia Herrmann and Jeffrey Herrmann

The Herzlinger Family

Lisa and Matthew Hills*

Randy Gollub and Jon Hirschtick

Edie Goldman and Mort Hoffman

Eva and Melvin Hoffman

Shira Horowitz and Maurice Karpman

Elisha and Dov Huff

Jacqueline Finard-Hughes & Robert Hughes*

The Indianer-Quadrini Family

Ruth Rose-Jacobs and Jerry Jacobs

Susan and Frederic Jacobs

Ronda and Joshua Jacobson

Dahlia Rudavsky and Robert Jampol

Diane and Robert Jaye

Josh Jick

Dr. Lisa Fishbayn Joffe and Jonathan Joffe

Elissa and Jason Kaplan

Rebecca and Robert Kaplan

Joy Karol

Jodi Wenger and Stuart Karon

Amy and Naty Katz

Sharon Rosen Katz and Marshall Katz

Amelia and Josh Katzen

Carole Kaufman

Joanne and Stanley Kay

Nadine Evans and Rafi Kieval

Beth S. and Seth A. Klarman

The Klarman Family Foundation

Abbe and Daniel Klein

Roger Klein and Rachel Coben Family Fund

Esther Fine Kletter

Janis Knight

Carla and Alexis Kopikis*

Rachel and Bryan Koplow

Drs. Ellen and Ernest Kornmehl

Maureen Connelly and Jeffrey Krane

Rebecca Krane

Yonina Langer

Lynda Fink and Maury Lederman

Shannon Floyd and Daniel Leibholz

Lori and Frederic Leif

Marcia and Alan Leifer

Nancy and Sid Lejfer

Cheryl and Yakir Levin

Justine Levin-Allerhand and Paul Allerhand

Judy Levin-Charns and Martin Charns*

Adina Kling and Judah Levine

Emily Beck and Jon Levisohn

Sybil and Dr. Steven Levisohn

Judy and Dr. Mayer Levitt

Marni Smilow Levitt, Jonathan Levitt & Family

Rachel A. Levy

Steven Lewis

Fran and Rabbi Daniel Liben

Aliza Libman

Linda and William Lichtman

Jessica and Ron Liebowitz

Margaret Ross Link and David Link

Janice and Richard Lipof

Stephanie and Yair Listokin

Naomi and Carl Lopkin

Valerie and Arnold Lowenstein

Naomi Lown

Walter Lyons

Audrey Madera

Allison and Elliot Mael

Margie Maidman

Susan Nitkin and Jeffrey Marcus

Allison and Andrew Margolies

Scott Mattoon

Harriet and Dr. Cyril Mazansky

Sasha and Geoff Meyerson

Claudia Michaels-Brodsky and David Brodsky

Microsoft Corporation

Sandy and Harold Miller-Jacobs

Avi Minder

Daniel and Stephanie Mishkin

Jeanette Kruger and Betty Morningstar

Susan Morrel

Myra Musicant and Howard Cohen

Jessica and Chuck Myers

Robert Bargar and Elinor Nelson

Barbara Neufeld

Evelyn and John Neumeyer

Poly and Eli Neusner

New England Chapter of P'Tach

Miriam Newman and Michael Pinnolis

Rose and Bruce Newman

Joanne and Eliahu Niewood

Marcela and Paul Noonan

Rabbi Suzanne and Andrew Offit

Laura and Matthew Olton

Deborah Platek and Martin Oppenheimer*

Effie and Gary Orren

Gail and Mark Palmer

Barbara and Barrie Paster

Judy Meyers and Mark Pasternack

Professor Martin Patt

Nancy and Larry Perkins

Lesley and Robert Perlman

Sandra and Donald Perrin and Family

Rebecca Redner and Joshua Pinnolis

Linda and Kenneth Polivy

Brenda and Ethan Pollack

Marion and David Pollock

Barbara Posnick and Carl Mikkelsen*

Arlene and Kurt Pressman

Suzanne Priebatsch

Inbal and Zori Rabinovitz

Lonye and Stephen Rasch

Dena and Michael Rashes

Sidney Redner

Arlene and Sanford Remz

Jonah Remz

Saundra and Jason Rice

Diane and Martin Richler

Shellee Robbins and Don Steinbrecher

Shuli and Avi Rockoff

Howard Rosenfeld

Judy and David Rosenthal

Benja Rosenzweig

Lauri Union and Stanley Rosenzweig

Itia and Menachem Roth*

Judith Roth

Shirley Rubinstein

Ruderman Family Foundation

Teri Swartz Russell and David Russell

Barbara and Jerry Rutberg

S&Z Properties, LLC

Chris and Pito Salas

Rabbi Ma'ayan and Rick Sands

Lori Barnet and Jeffrey Savit

Barbara and Walter Schmider

Yoni Schor

Roy S. Schreiber & Co.

Barbara and Andrew Schultz*

Heather and William Schultz

Joyce and Stephen Schultz

Lynda and Jay Schwartz

Sue and Bill Schweber

Rachel and Adam Scott

Linda and Stuart Seidman

Samantha Shepherd

Harriet and Stuart Sherman

Leslie and Alan Sherman

Mary Ann McDonough and Lester Shoap

Linda and Ira Shoolman

Adina and Ari Shrage

Ellie and Barry Shrage*

Danya Handelsman and Jed Shugerman

Carol and Martin Shulman

Cynthia B. Shulman

Debbie and Jason Silverman

Gloria and Gordon Silverman

Judith Simansky

The Simansky Family*

Deborah Simkin and Sam Aron

Netanya Simon

Carol and Daniel Singer Bricklin

Karen and Steven Sisselman

Jennifer Slifka and Louis Vidal*

Rosalyn and Richard Slifka

Toby Sloane

Marsha Slotnick

Reena and Saul Slovin

Sharon and Jerome Smith

Ilana Snapstailer

Betsy and Martin Solomon

Paula Sommer

Dr. Judith Feldman and Dr. Norman Spack

Ruth Spack

Mira and Robert Spiegel

Onir and Jeffrey Spiegel

Sherry Grossman and Allen Spivack

Benjamin Spunt

Linda and Bruce Stanger

Deborah and David Stanhill

Sharon and David Steinberg

Linda Sternberg*

Naomi and Jeffrey Stonberg

Shira and Nathaniel Strosberg

Barry Sugarman

Emma Sullaway

Gail Schulman and Robert Sullaway

Temple Aliyah

Temple Beth Zion

Temple Isaiah Sisterhood

Suzanne and Herbert Tobin

Roz Garber Toledano and Allan Toledano

Faye Tonkonogy

Ruth and Nahum Vishniavsky

Dana Volman

Chana Wallach

Lisa and Neil Wallack

Jackie and David Waller

Sheila and David Waxman

Beverly and Benjamin Weiner

Robbie Singal, Jonathan Weintroub & Family

Fiona Mudge-Weisman and Evan Weisman

Laurie Alpert and Barry Weiss

Stephanie Gertz and Cantor Steven Weiss

Cindy Kaplan and Marc Weisskopf*

Ralph Wertheimer

Allen Whitestone

Arnee R. and Walter A. Winshall

Kenny Wintman

Deborah and David Wolf

Candice and Howard Wolk

Deanna and Sidney Wolk

Marla and Jeffrey Wolk

Dina and Matthew Wosk

Yachad New England

Judith and Albert Zabin

Norma and Arnold Zack

Joyce Zakim and Peter Greenspan

Lorel and Arnie Zar-Kessler

Sarah Clark and Micah Zimring

Michelle and Matthew Zisow

Judith and Paul Zorfass

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Tamar Davis, Chief Executive Officer

Deirdre Munley, Chief Operating Officer

David Farbman, Senior Director of Education

Harry Abrahams, Director of Development

Sandy Gold, Director of Jewish Education Programs

Sharon Goldstein, Director of Day School Programs

Greg White, Director of Finance

Natanya Auerbach, Development Associate

Zachary Barr, Tutor

Jaimie Ballon, Learning Specialist

Stephen Bober, Coach

Marla Colarusso, Coach

Miriam Diamond, Coach

Marlene Dodyk, Coach

Naomi Dreyer, Teacher

Miriam Fein, Learning Specialist

Amy Freedman, Speech-Language Pathologist

Jennifer Friedberg, Speech-Language Pathologist

Ilene Greenwald, Occupational Therapist

Sherry Grossman, Senior Coach

Maxine Haron, Occupational Therapist

Mia Hyman, Educational and Behavioral Specialist

Sarah Kerstein, Coach

Debbie Krasnow, Coach

Pat Lukens, Coach

Margie Maidman, Learning Specialist

Elianna Mentzer, Communications Assistant

Susan Morrel, Coach

Michal Pullman, Student Services Financial Administrator

Rebecca Redner, Educational Specialist

Jodi Saltzman, Speech-Language Pathologist

Sue Schweber, Day School Program Consultant

Rachel Sommer, Administrative Coordinator

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